Nabulao Beach Hotel provides a perfectly private space for the most special occasions, with the capacity to accommodate up to 70/80 guests when booked exclusively. It is the epitome of an exclusive tropical escape, offering open-air celebrations and breathtaking views.

Our resort is an ideal venue for meaningful ceremonies in various picturesque settings. Additionally, we can arrange receptions in a charming gazebo, adorned with seasonal tropical flowers, creating a romantic atmosphere as the sun sets. Guests will be serenaded by talented local musicians, adding a touch of magic to the occasion.

In addition to personal celebrations, Nabulao Beach Hotel is also an excellent choice for corporate gatherings and team-building events. Our facilities are well-equipped to host productive meetings and provide exciting team-building activities in a stunning tropical environment.

Whether you are planning a special occasion or a corporate event, our resort offers an exclusive and unforgettable experience. Let us create cherished memories for you and your guests in our idyllic setting.